© KOYOTE – Magazin für Flucht/Linien

I’m far from positing this as a universal  law (since it is more of a commonplace than anything else), but you have probably noticed, that people are somehow most productive, when they  have other things to do. With the deadline for my master thesis approaching (oh my glob, 2 days!) I have been at a productive peak. Finally, I can read books that I like simply for the sake of reading them. Anyway: there has been my first publication in mosaik 22, a pending call for the new issue of JENNY and much more.
One of the things subsumed under „more“ is my appearance in a german aesthetic/science-zine called KOYOTE, which is a project of students at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf. According to their site:

The focus of our project is escape: escape/ism, lines of flight, movement, migration and border/transgressions as well as the confrontation with the foreign/the other. Those are issues that concern us not solely in a socio-political context of war and migration – topics that are particularly relevant today – but also in the fields of psychology, art and culture.

Since I felt that I am neither qualified enough to write something e.g. concerning the so-called refugee crisis, nor informed enough to not look like a complete idiot, I decided to do what I thought I’d do best: write a funny poem about philosophy as a neurological disorder. You can read it here (sorry folks, but it’s in German and I will not translate it, since I do believe, what I have quoted in a previous post: „Reading poetry in translation is like taking a shower with a raincoat on.“)